Building the Coop

When having chickens, we’ve learned that the coop presents one of the most important decisions you have to make. There are countless options when considering your chickens’ future residence. We considered many options:

We looked at chicken tractors

We looked at wooden coops

And, then we found the hoop coop

After a trip to Home Depot… Ok, who are we kidding? After a few trips to Home Depot, we constructed the following coop, which is a PVC hoop coop.

As you can see from the pictures, we still need put the chicken wire over the frame.


  1. Did you have plans for this coop? Or did you make this up on your own? If you had plans, where did you get them? Because this looks exactly like what I would like to build, but this internet research is going to kill me.

  2. No plans really. I used standard 10 ft. pvc and made the coop with as few cuts as possible. The biggest expense was netting and zip ties to attach it. I probably used 300-400 zip ties… It is pretty simple just draw it out on paper first and then adjust as reality forces you to. :)

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