May 09

New SAHD Book

An on-line friend of mine has published a new book on stay-at-home dads. I mentioned the book a few months ago when publishing was getting lined up. And, now the wait is over… Daddy Shift is here.

The Daddy Shift: How Stay-at-Home Dads, Breadwinning Moms, and Shared ParentingAreTransforming the American Family

Jeremy Adam Smith’s blog Daddy Dialect is always a good read and now I’m anxious to read the book. He is even getting some good press as the New Times has a two part interview with Jeremy this week.

Part One of NY Times Interview.

Part Two of NY Times Interview.

Jeremy presents some great data on  stay-at-home dads. Check it out.

May 09

Dallas Dads Group

My local Dallas Dads group made a local parenting magazine, The Dallas Child.

This group has served as a great resource for our family for a couple of years now. Several great relationships have developed has a result of this group for both myself and the kiddos.

Having other stay-at-home dads to talk with during the week is an invaluable resource.

Dallas Dads group in Dallas Child  magazine.

May 09

New Supreme Court Nominee

President Obama nominated the first Type 1 diabetic to the Supreme Court this morning. While this may not seem significant to the non-diabetic, I take great courage in seeing someone wrestling daily with this disease being given such great responsibility – all political views aside.

As technology advances making type 1 diabetes no longer a death sentence, it is a great time to be a diabetic. With Sonia Sonomayor’s nomination, my confidence grows in the public perceptions of this disease.

Diabetes Mine blog put together a great piece on the diabetic perspective of this nomination.

May 09

I Can Do This…

I’m not a big bicycle stunt guy, but this is pretty amazing stuff.

I repeat… I can do all of these things on my bike. Really. Really, I can.

goin up